• Protect Human Rights in the CDM projects

                January 25, 2012
                by Daniele Bargellini

                March for human rights (Copyright Abahlali baseMjondolo)

                Over the past months, allegations about carbon emissions reduction projects related to human rights violations have increased pressure on international policy makers to address this issue.

                CDM Watch (initiative of several international NGOs) believes that the United Nations as well as the European Union and other buyers have a mandate to protect human rights and calls on Parties to the Kyoto Protocol to ensure that Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects that violate or risk violating human rights are prevented from earning carbon credits.

                Even though this is not explicitly mentioned in the rules of procedures of the CDM, this is enshrined in the UN Charter and should automatically apply.

                CDM Watch recommends that the policies clarify that the CDM Executive Board is obliged to act and address projects that may be linked to human rights violations.

                Designated National Authorities should be allowed to withdraw letters of approval in case of violations of any of the UN principles or national legislation, creating also a set of universally applicable sustainability criteria, as recommended in the report on sustainable development co-benefits and negative impact of CDM project activities.

                Finally the CDM Executive Board should improve and strengthen local and global stakeholder consultation, putting a grievance mechanism in place.

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