• FAO asks for better forests management

                February 13, 2012
                by Daniele Bargellini

                The importance of green power (Copyright www.ovoowatches.nl)

                The dual challenges of economic turmoil and climate change are bringing the management of forests to the forefront of global interest.  The need to reform forestry institutions and increase investments in science and technology are key to the better management of forests, notes the State of the World’s Forests 2009 by FAO.

                A highly mixed situation is expected, with gains in forest area in some regions and losses in others, notes the report. Countries in the early stages of development in particular tend to struggle with immense pressures on their forests.

                The trade-offs between immediate economic compulsions and long term benefits are challenging. Institutional weaknesses remain the most important problem, but also the most difficult to solve.

                Global demand for products and environmental services is expected to increase in the coming decades, notes the report. Energy and climate change policies are increasing the use of wood as a source of energy, although this trend may be affected by the recent economic down-turn.

                Forest resources in Europe are expected to continue to expand in view of declining land dependence, increasing income, concern for protection of the environment and well developed policy and institutional frameworks.

                EU accounts for about 17 percent of global land area but has one-quarter of the world’s forest resources, approximately 1 billion hectares, of which 81 percent is in the Russian Federation.

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