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  • Call for an EU ban on cloned animals for food

    May 21, 2012
    by Angela Faloppa

    EFA calls for a ban on animal cloning (Copyright Agricolturaonweb)

    Eurogroup for Animals called on the European Commission to ban the cloning of animals for food production, representing the views of Europe’s consumers.

    Eurogroup also demands that the Commission comes forward with clear legislation to enforce such a ban and ensure that no products from cloned animals or their offspring are put on the European market.

    “Cloning is an inefficient process that wastes animals’ lives and causes animal suffering and distress at all stages of the process and must be stopped,” said Sonja Van Tichelen, Director of Eurogroup for Animals. “However the European Commission is lacking the will and the courage to defend our consumers, to protect animals and to find a real solution,” she added.

    Eurogroup is concerned that the routine use of cloning would greatly reduce genetic diversity within livestock populations, increasing the chances of whole herds being wiped out by disease to which they would all be equally susceptible.

    In addition the European Commission and the Member States currently provide subsidies to farmers who conserve traditional breeds of livestock through rural development funding. Promoting cloning of farm animals would go against this rural development objective of conserving genetic diversity in farm animals.

    The development of animal cloning as a method of food production is being pursued without public awareness and in spite of well-documented public concerns relating to the use of biotechnology in food production.

    “Eurogroup for Animals calls on the European Commission to act immediately and robustly to reflect the concern of the European Parliament and indeed Europe’s citizens,”concluded Van Tichelen.

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