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  • Focus on agriculture needed at Rio+20

    May 29, 2012
    by Angela Faloppa

    Agriculture provides jobs to 40% of world population(Copyright wikipedia)

    Ahead of the Rio+20 Conference, the Consortium of Agricoltural Research Centres (CGIAR), the world’s largest publicly funded research body, has published a seven-point “call to action” plan.

    The biggest environmental summit for a decade must make meaningful progress on global food security and sustainable agriculture in order to lessen the need for aid, say researchers.

    According to CGIAR, environmental degradation, climate change and growing world population – according to FAO there will be a 70% rise in global agricultural demand by 2050 – require farm and natural resources management and policies to play a more central role in shaping development and environmental agendas.

    The list, which will be presented at the gathering in the Brazilian city, calls for : improved partnerships to maximise the management of agriculture, aquaculture, forest and water resources; a more equal sharing of natural resources via better governance and dissemination of technology; a knowledge sharing system to improve production and minimise adverse impacts, and measures to restore degraded environments and ecosystems.

    Agriculture is estimated to provide jobs for 40% of the world’s population. “One reason why it is necessary to push attention on to agriculture in Rio is because negotiations are going really slowly,” explained CGIAR spokesman Bruce Campbell.

    CGIAR also calls for a stronger connection between policy and science, with scientists more involved in the decision making process.

    “15 research organisations of have come together in order to form a consortium and speak with one voice for the first time” Campbell said.

    L'agricoltura da lavoro al 40% della popolazione mondiale (Copyright wikipedia)

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