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  • EU-China: a plan for rural development

    June 13, 2012
    by Angela Faloppa

    Dacian Cioloş and Han Changfu in Beijing(Copyright Euranet)

    A Cooperation Plan on Agriculture and Rural Development was signed between China and the European Union, enforcing the already exisiting partnership and bringing mutual benefits by establishing a stronger and closer relationship in agriculture, in order to face bilateral and international challenges more effectively together.

    Both sides will gain from sharing ideas, best practices, and innovative solutions. They will address issues of food security, as well as environmental challenges, so as to make agriculture more sustainable and enhance agricultural trade relations.

    Priority sectors for cooperation may include: food security, international cooperation, environmental-friendly agriculture, organic farming, and food safety.

    The European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Dacian Cioloş, commented: “Agriculture is of crucial interest for both China and the European Union…This Cooperation Plan is a new step in our commitment to work together to address common challenges – in particular food security, rural development, food safety and climate change. We can meet these challenges by establishing a stronger and closer relationship in agriculture, at bilateral and international level, through very concrete cooperation projects and actions.”

    Also China Minister for Agriculture, Han Changfu, envisages remarkable achievements and bright prospects for this new partnership. “To promote our bilateral cooperation in the agricultural sector serves our interests of both sides, and represents aspirations shared by China and the European Union. I am confident that with our concerted efforts, agricultural cooperation between China and the European Union will surely realize mutual benefits, win-win results and common development”.

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