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  • UN:new development strategies in Africa

    June 19, 2012
    by Davide Salviati

    Agricolture in Africa (Copyright Arcadianet)

    The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) published the new edition of the “Economic Development in Africa Report,” including strategies for placing green industrial development at the heart of sustainable structural transformation in Africa.

    The report stresses the need for additional policies designed to increase access to energy, in particular sustainable energy, and for policies fostering a green agricultural revolution in Africa based on the sustainable intensification of agricultural production.

    On the one hand, structural transformation is necessary for achieving substantial and broad-based improvements in human well-being. On the other hand, structural transformation, together with rising affluence and a growing population, will necessarily intensify environmental pressures because of the increasing demand for natural resources.

    The study focuses on options to implement sustainable structural transformation to achieve improvements in human well-being while avoiding intensifying environmental pressures.

    The dilemma between structural transformation for growth and increasing environmental impacts can be resolved through sustainable structural transformation, involving measures to promote the relative decoupling of natural resource use and environmental impacts from the growth process.

    The report shows how strategic priorities for decoupling can be identified, noting the need for an appropriate international enabling environment, including support measures, such as increased aid for the energy sector and enhanced technology transfer mechanisms.

    Recently the UN created a new online database in ordert ot strenghten and boost partnerships between sustainable development projects in developing countries.

    Agricoltura in Africa (Copyright Arcadianet)

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