• FAO: Sustainable forests for a green economy

                June 26, 2012
                by Eleonora Moro

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                A report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) states that a more sustainable use of forestry resources can make a significant contribution to meeting the core challenges being discussed at the Rio+20 Conference.

                FAO’s report argues that sustainable forestry would also contribute to a transition into a greener economy.

                Despite having a poor reputation due to concerns over deforestation, wood products can store carbon and be easily
                recycled,  if sourced from well-run forestry operations and burned using appropriate technologies.

                Nevertheless, the report says that more attention needs to be paid to promoting the creation of small scale enterprises
                that benefit local communities. FAO also cautions that increasing the use of wood-based fuels will require attention to
                existing patterns of wood energy dependence.

                By restoring lost forests on a large scale, significant amounts of carbon can be removed from the atmosphere, reducing the
                severity of climate change. At the same time, such projects would also support rural livelihoods and provide renewable raw
                materials, indicates SOFO 2012.

                A research group developed a map of carbon storage in forests.

                Afforestation provides the additional benefit of helping combat desertification and soil degradation.

                According to SOFO 2012, programmes that give entrepreneurs incentives to pursue the sustainable utilization of forest
                resources will be required.

                Creating appropriate revenue streams for forest ecosystem services can also encourage forest landholders and managers to protect and restore forests.

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