• The challenge of a responsible use of Artic

                July 9, 2012
                by Valentina Zammarano


                Oil drilling in Artic (Copyright Il ribelle)

                A new document by the European Commission and the  High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, outlines the way forward for the EU’s constructive engagement in the Arctic.

                The period 2005-2010 has been the warmest period ever recorded in the Arctic.

                A new scientific study shows that, because of the increasingly high temperatures, the Arctic is a major contributor to the rising of the sea water levels.

                This rapid changes could potentially provide access to vast natural resources such as oil and gas and allow for shipping routes that could cut time and costs for important trading routes between Europe and Asia.

                While beneficial for the global economy, these activities call for a prudent and sustainable approach: further repercussions for the fragile Arctic can be expected if top environmental standards are not met.

                The strategy adopted contains a set of tangible actions that contribute to research and sustainable development in the region and promote environmentally friendly technologies that could be used for sustainable shipping and mining.

                The Communication contains a series of 28 measures to support the effective stewardship of the Arctic and observes priority subjects of Climate change, Sustainable development and Research. It also underlines the EU’s activities and investments in the Arctic since 2008.

                The European Parliament and the EU Member States are now invited to submit their views on the proposed actions. The Communication also begin a dialogue process with the indigenous people and institution to refine the EU’s policy towards the Arctic.

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