• EU cars required to reduce CO2 emissions

                July 19, 2012
                by Valentina Zammarano

                Connie Hedegaard (Copyright by Freereporter)

                New proposals presented by European Commission, are aimed to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from new cars and light commercial vehicles (vans) by 2020, introducing  new technologies.

                In accord with technical and economic  analysis by the European Environment Agency(EEA) , the Regulations implements existing legislation establishing  the modalities by which the targets would be achieved.

                The proposals will cut average emissions from new cars  from 135.7g in 2011 to 95 grams of CO2 per km (g CO2/km) in 2020 with an ulterior mandatory target of 130g in 2015. Emissions from vans will be reduced from 181.4g/km CO2 in 2010 to 147g in 2020 with a mandatory target of 175g in 2017.

                Through a research by the European Commission,it has been analyzed the impact of driving speed on environment.

                Each new car will save its owner around €340 in fuel costs in the first year, and an estimated total of €2904-3836 over the car’s lifetime (13 years), as compared with the 2015 target. For vans the average fuel cost saving is estimated at around €400 in the first year and €3363-4564 over their 13-year lifetime.

                Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner for Climate Action commented: ”With our proposals we are not only protecting the climate and saving consumers money. We are also boosting innovation and competitiveness in the European automotive industry. And we will create substantial numbers of jobs as a result”.

                Consumers will save around €30bn per year in fuel costs and it is estimated that the targets could increase spending on employment by some €9bn a year. The proposals would in total save 160 million tonnes of oil and around 420 million tonnes of CO2 in the period to 2030.

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