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  • Fuel Consumption will be halved in 20 years

    September 27, 2012
    by andrea maresi

    Fuel Consumption (Copyright Ecoo)

    As predicted in the two International Energy Agency (IEA) reports on available transport technologies “Technology Roadmap Fuel Economy of Road Vehicles” and on changes in policies needed in order to boost technologies “Policy Pathway: Improving the Fuel Economy of Road Vehicles”, fuel consumption might be halved by 2050.

    The number of cars will double by 2050, despite this, the IEA said adopting the rights policies to promote new technologies and fuel efficiency could save the 80% of current oil consumption and cut the dependence on imported oil by 60%.

    Moreover, this would impact on food and other products prices, which recently have risen due to the high cost of oil.

    The 50% of oil consumption is related to transports, especially road transports. Cars are responsible for around 12% of CO2 emissions, that’s why dealing with road transports energy use is indispensable. The European Commission proposed an initiative in order to tackle the problem of CO2 cars emissions.

    In 2009 the EU implemented some laws fixing emissions performance standards for new cars and in February 2011 the Commission presented the White Paper on Transport, improving measures to raise the amount of  €1.8 trillion to be invested in the construction of a competitive transport system in the next 20 years.

    Despite these policies, new and more actions must be adopted in the next 10-20 years in order to tackle the existent policy barriers that hamper fuel-saving technologies. In addition, the new vehicle market should be encouraged.

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