18, May 2022
Pandemic Fatigue

After, all-around two years, it must surprise no person, most are, at least, tired with this horrendous pandemic, or perhaps, far – more, fatigued, and sick – and- sick and tired of it, plus the impact on our way of life! However, this will not, and should not justify, the utter – disregard of some, with regards to respecting the more good, and abiding by basic, wise practice, public health, protective measures! How did this become another, political issue, because of so many, apparently putting their personal/ political interests and agenda, first? How many more must get infected, hospitalized, put others, at – risk, and/ or die? Many seniors have mislaid their battle, as possess the immune – compromised, and now we still are not aware of all the potential longer – term ramifications and impacts! Why does this nation, despite its efforts and spending, have, among, the minimum vaccination rates, on earth, among first – tier, developed nations? Everyone is fed up with this, and would really like, going back to normal, but, the efforts of any minority, harms our overall efforts, and also the potential to optimize our efforts! With that in mind,this document will attempt to briefly examine and review this, and why, we need to do better.

1) Conspiracy theories: For some reasons, some want to believe unfounded, opinions, and accept them, rather then facts. It began with denials, transformed to accusations, and created harmful resistance. Is there anyone, who’s got not witnessed or experienced losing someone close? While, many people are entitled to a judgment of their own, they aren’t, to their own personal set of facts. It is something if your actions only harmed you, but quite – another, if it puts others,at – risk!

2) Politics: Why has this become political, like a great number of, apparently, wise practice, issues, have? There is a difference between a viable solution,and well – considered, plan, rather than blaming and complaining, denials, and stubbornness!

3) Data and science matter: Mike Bloomberg wants to say, “In God We Trust. All others, bring data,.” History shows, it will take a science – based, plan, endorsed and based on public health, medical, and scientific personnel and experts, to develop a meaningful, fact – based, efforts.

4) Mandate resistance: Although we view public health mandates, during the past, this indicates we are experiencing and enjoying the most polarized nation, in recent memory! Just because one doesn’t agree, does not always mean, he knows greater than the experts!

Either, we proceed, in a very more unified manner, or we prolong the horrors. Wake up, America, before many more, lose this battle! It’s as much as, each of us!