• “Journalism is done with the sole of shoes …” Egisto Corradi, journalist (1914 – 1990) “… As we walk, on the web you will be our traveling companions”, FreeReporter (2008)

                Federated Reporters for Earth and the Environment is  something different than a media outlet. It’s a trans-national collaborative journalism platform that primarily affiliates professional reporters, but  is also open to experts and volunteer contributors from all over the world.

                FreeReporter posts the latest news from both official and alternative sources, manages crowdsourced investigations and disseminates the best  stories published in the media on the diverse environmental, social and economic aspects of globalization.

                Through our portal journalists promote their work across borders, users get, crowdsource and share the “green” information they need and the media gain access to specialized news for their online sections while maximizing visibility for their own stories as we republish them.

                Our initiative is inspired by the idea that the environment doesn’t consist only of plants, animals and fresh air. It’s much more than that. It’s the whole set of biological, social and technological factors required to ensure the well-being of all living species on the planet Earth.

                Managing the environment, as defined in this broader notion , is a priority and an urgent goal. Its natural evolution and its alteration due to human activities have an impact on biodiversity, health and human relations both on a global scale and at a local level.

                For this reason, the environmental crisis includes a variety of issues such as economy & developmentpopulations & human rightswildlife & ecosisyems.

                Walking through the world, to discover and recount whether the answers given to all of these aspects go in the right direction, is crucial to avoid the risk of a general collapse that would make the planet uninhabitable even for the Mankind.

                FreeReporter combines the old good journalism that used to be done with the sole of shoes, and still offers the best examples of thorough and direct research of the facts, with the new journalism that uses the web tools to socialize the production of information while speeding up and expanding its dissemination.

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