12, Apr 2022
Balance of the Universe

On the one hand, that are we microscopic beings to trust we can produce any profit at all on something as vast and incomprehensible as being the Universe-in which were so minuscule as to be inconsequential, and might be sloughed away from the face of the planet as easily being a snake may shed it skin?

On additional hand, as facets of the Infinite Ineffable Intelligence, our evolutionary destiny is based on recognizing our Oneness: knowing that there is no ‘other’ knowning that as such, whatsoever we all do to and for another we’re only doing to or even for our own selves.

Then, just like that all of Nature fulfills its function perfectly – predator and prey maintaining balance of their populations; bees and birds pollinating and propagating; fruits and flowers reproducing and nourishing; flood and drought and fire cycling throughout the seasons-so too mankind may fulfill its dharma. And while one might reason that Dharma cannot help but be fulfilled, within this moment of history the impetus and require to greater harmony are not denied.

The undertaking is clear-there isn’t any longer time for self-indulgence. Knowing that harmony can not be imposed from without, but must manifest from the inside, it then falls to all of them of us to illuminate her individual cell within the body of humanity by cultivating Consciousness and embodying Love. For all the striving toward sustainability and equality, however well motivated or intentioned, cannot succeed providing greed could be the dominant force in the world. And greed aren’t going to be overcome before the understanding of Oneness reaches critical mass.

This, then, is our charge: to be aware of and encourage the demand for shedding the mistaken identities that contain enabled the powers-that-be to divide and conquer; and foster the realization which the suffering of any may be the suffering of; and also to create a global movement and proclaim our Oneness world wide.

9, Mar 2022
Originalist Constitutional Interpretations!

I have reached the, where I am, truly, sick – and – tired, with the convenient, holier – than – thou, mindset, countless use, to justify their personal/ political agenda and positions, and/ or, self – interest. When the newest of our own Supreme Court Justices, describes herself, as a possible Originalist, when she articulates her reasoning and judicial/ legal philosophy, we probably should, all be, extremely concerned! We live and exist, inside an ever – evolving world, nation, and society, where many conditions, today, are far – different, at the time the Constitution appeared, nearly 250 years. Remember, at this point, there were still, legal slavery (which existed for approximately 100 years, afterwards), women was lacking equal rights to men (All males are created equal – not, everyone), and yes it was not prior to the 20th Century, when women got the best, to vote! Guns, of this time, would have to be reloaded, via, a few steps, which took, near to two minutes to carry out, so, just how could anyone, visualize, and/ or, perceive or conceive of, today’s weapons? When some wrap – themselves, inside the 2nd Amendment, claiming a complete right to carry and own a gun, they conveniently disregard the fact, the proper to bear arms, predominantly, aimed at State’s Rights, especially to produce and have a State Militia, for protection against foreign invasion/ influence. With that in mind, the following paragraphs will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 fallacies, claimed and articulated, by these, fake, Originalists.

  1. Guns/ 2nd Amendment: How many more must die, because, we don’t take, wise practice, steps, to deal with, gun safety, and controls/ regulations? We license drivers, and register cars, but, so not need needed security features, with regards to gun ownership. The reality is, the other Amendment, however it is interpreted, will not give anyone, the unlimited to own and make use of any weapon/ gun. How is the Founding Fathers, have, ever, visualized today’s weapons, especially, automatic, and semi – automatic guns, and, supposed, Assault (military – grade) rifles? Shouldn’t wise practice, require, gun rights, conform, to overall, safety realities, and needed priorities?
  2. Women’s Rights: The Constitution made a mechanism, to generate additional Amendments, etc, as – needed, and supposedly, the Supreme Court, fairly, and equally decided, legalities, and Constitutionality! In the mid – 20th Century, Roe v Wade, was decided, granting a girl, the best – to – choose! It should are becoming a stated law and right, next many years, yet, those looking to change it, either caused by a religious, and/ or, political perspective/ agenda, are claiming, they certainly so, by utilizing, this Originalist interpretation!
  3. Constitutional guarantees: Doesn’t it seem, strange, a number of people are claiming, they can be protecting the intent, with the Founding Fathers (like, only they, truly, know, the idea – processes, etc), if they selectively, demand enforcement of some aspects, while seemingly, looking to eliminate others! Freedom of Religion granted individuals, the appropriate, to employ, any religion, in their liking, and/ or, none, yet, today, we seem some, seeking to make us, believe, we have a home in a Christian State, although, many Founders, were, agnostic, and/ or, atheists!
  4. States Rights: The same people, who demand States Rights, in the event it serves their purposes, often refute these, when it can be inconvenient!

Wake up, America, and demand, a Constitution, that is a living document, according to core, democratic principles, rights and freedoms! We must accomplish that, sooner, as an alternative to later, or risk losing, this nation’s identity!

13, Jan 2022
Pandemic Transform Into An Endemic

It’s been nearly – couple of years, because the time, most believe, this horrific pandemic began infecting humans! We have lost many opportunities, by failing to act, as required, in a very well – considered, timely manner, within the auspices of scientific and health workers and professionals! Over 800, 000 Americans have mislaid their lives (and, probably, much more), and a lot of million, global, and tens of millions (plus much more) are actually infected, to several degrees, etc! It seems, whenever, we presume, we have now taken a stride – forward, on this battle, the herpes virus has mutated, and now we end of losing more ground. The original version, the Delta variant, and after this, Omicron, have demostrated, amazing resiliency, and deadly – power! Even, while using fast, roll – out, on the vaccinations, that are believed to be, the very best ones, ever, manufactured to combat any virus, etc, we still are losing lives, and a lot of are infected, etc! It seems, we have forfeit, a couple of years, also, and economies, too as economic conditions, world wide, keep suffer! Many supply chains, employment, and mental health, are already victims, also! Many now believe, natural meats, and in all probability won’t, ever, be totally – rid, with this, but, will, more – likely, transform, into an endemic, including influenza (the flu etc). That means, we shall start to consider it, as, with – us, and also a part – of, our normal, every – day, lives, and, as opposed to seeking to avoid it, and/ or, a cure, will, possibly, require, a few booster – vaccines, etc, and many common sense, public health, to significantly, minimize, the – impact! With, that at heart, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 considerations, going – forward.

  1. Pace of vaccinations/ vaccinated, versus, the mutation rate, etc: Unfortunately, most are, their unique, worst enemies, and pay, more care about empty promises, conspiracy theories, and, supposed, alternative approaches, and/ or, denials/ minimizing, than, hearing the experts, and doing their part, by obtaining vaccinated, and, wearing a mask, social distancing, etc! Although, it will have, break – through, cases, typically, we know, these will likely be mild, and most in the serious cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, are going to be, on the unvaccinated, and immuno – compromised, etc! If, more got the shot, these mutations, can have, far – fewer, places, to breed, etc!
  2. Worldwide rate: This is a worldwide, public health crisis, and, since, you can find significant, socioeconomic differences, between your wealthier, and poorer nations, the chance is compounded! Although, President Biden, has pledged and committed, many millions, of treatment doses, all kinds of other nations, are yet to – yet, stood – up, for the plate!
  3. Transmission, versus, severity: One on the challenges, for the testing process, is, so some are presently, tested, plus the results are imperfect, non – symptomatic, likewise as more – severe, cases, are counted, equally! How many people, annually, catch the flu, but, are not aware of, and it’s also never reported, considering that the result, can be, not – severe?
  4. Will we start to witness, broader, acceptance of good sense, public health measures?: This battle should be continuous, and persistent! We cannot stop using wise practice, inside the quest, to lessen the impacts! Why do we continue, witnessing, a great number of, who won’t get vaccinated, use public spacing, and/ or, wear a mask, when appropriate? Why should this become a political issue, gets hotter needs to be, a public health – focused, one?
  5. Ease/ comfort of more – reliable testing: Today, most exams are either, hard – to – locate, costly, inconvenient, and, many results, are false – positives, and/ or, negatives! We need to address how, to further improve this component!

Even though, many feel pandemic – fatigue, stopping, smart, public health approaches, now, could make the worst impacts, continue, longer, than otherwise! This virus, unfortunately, will, most – likely, be with us, for the significant per