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    In sospeso: From Homes to Prison Cells: A Story of Land Grabbing in Cambodia

    This video was produced at the request of Boeung Kak community to share their urgent message at the UN Sustainable Development Conference in Rio in June 2012. In 2007 almost 4000 Cambodian families lost their homes when the land around Kak Lake, in Phnom Penh was leased to Shukaku Inc.

    Uganda land grab claim by UK charity

    A new report by the British charity Oxfam suggests that Ugandans from Bulgiri have been forced out of their homes since 2004. The case involves the British firm, New Forest Company, which says it has done nothing wrong.

    Stopping the land grab an update from PNG (Papua New Guinea)

    In Pomio, Papua New Guinea, a new land grab by Gilford Ltd and others. More than 5m hectares have been signed over to unrepresentative landowner companies and foreign-owned corporations for up to 99 years.

    Agricultural Investment or Land Grab in Sierra Leone?

    In 2011 Socfin Agricultural Company Sierra Leone Ltd. (Socfin SL) secured 6,500 hectares of rubber and oil palm plantations in Malen chiefdom, Pujehun district, in the south of Sierra Leone.

    Malaysian politician accused of land-grab (MALAYSIA)

    Undercover footage shot by Global Witness, an NGO working against environmental exploitation, appears to link a leading Malaysian politician to corrupt land deals worth at least $500m in Serawak area.

    China looks to take up land in Argentina to grow genetically modified foods

    Argentina, Rio Negro. The China based food company Beidahuang is investing in this area. Beidahuang is going to buy over 300 thousand of hectares of land to cultivate modified soybeans and crops.

    Land Grabs in China’s Guangdong Province

    Villagers from the Chinese province of Guangdong maintain local officials from Zhushan have taken their lands and pocketed the compensations. Their lives have been extremely affected since then.

    Western banks financing illegal south-east Asian land grabs

    The contribute try to looks into the activities of two Vietnamese rubber firms, Hoang Ahng Gia Lai Group and Vietnam Rubber Group that are buying land illegally in Cambodia, Ta Veaneng District

    Land grabbing in Mali

    In Mali the Libyan African Investment Portfolio with the help of the local Government has been given 100,000 hectares of prime agricultural land to grow export crops and livestock.

    UNICEF: Food crisis in Afghanistan

    BAMYAN, Afghanistan. For the people of Afghanistan, its fast becoming one crisis too many. Already wrecked by war and insurgency, they are now battling a new force a food crisis in the harshest of seasons.

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