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                Stefano Valentino is an award-winning freelance journalist, contributing to both Italian and international leading print and online media. Since 2001 he has travelled to Brussels, the Balkans, Middle-East, Caucasus, Africa and Asia, working as both an EU and foreign correspondent. Over the last 10 years he has reported from around 30 countries, mostly covering politics, economy and human rights. Currently, he is specializing in trans-national investigations and field reporting on issues related to sustainable globalization. His new cycle of stories expose the secret conflicts that exist between corporate interests and economic democratization in the context of North-South relations.

                In 2006 he won the Citigroup Journalistic Excellence Award. In 2009-2010 he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship by the U.S. government for an year-long professional training and research at UC Berkeley School of Journalism, in California. As an International Visiting Scholar he practiced multimedia reporting and made a review of new business models for cross-border cooperation between journalists covering globalization.

                He is also an entrepreneurial pioneer. In January 2008 he launched his own online news service Euroreporter and the non-profit association Reporters for an Interactive, Collaborative and Specialized Information (RICSI). He bets on web-based communication technologies as a powerful way to promote collaborative journalism.

                He is the founder of FreeReporter Mobile, an innovative mobile networking platform intended to help investigative journalists raise funding from users’ via smart phone micro-payments. The project was first presented at the annual conference of the Online News Association in 2009 and later qualified for the semi-finals of the Berkeley Business Plan Competition in 2010, led by a jury of venture capitalists from the Silicon Valley. The initiative is still in progress. A pilot will be launched soon.

                He was presented his work and ideas both as a speaker at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference and the International Journalism Festival and, also, as a lecturer across the U.S. at the Berkeley’s Center for European Studies, the School of Communication of the University of Miami and the School of Journalism of the City University of New York.

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